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The LMOS Epoch

The Lalaji Memorial (International) OMEGA School (LMOIS)
(Why OMEGA? Is it the "END"?)

(Updated: Feb. 11, 2008)

For the Shri Ram Chandra Mission TM, this school was born of a combination of three events: Chariji now seeks by all means to multiply the presence of forms of Sahaj Marg TM on the ground; the past few years the Sahaj Marg Research and Training Institute (SMRTI) has been trying to disseminate Sahaj Marg TM to the children, and finally since longer still, Jacqueline Seiller wanted to combine her experiences as a teacher with Sahaj Marg TM.

The SMRTI, now a research and "education" institute and under the control of the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation TM, first developed educational tools for abhyasis and preceptors. Soon it was also interested in the youth audience, and developed fables and nursery rhymes to develop the "Culture Sahaj Marg" with the children. All of this has led them to create the "Value Based Spiritual Education" (VBSE) curriculum, which, behind a very humanistic exterior, is a vehicle for Chariji's often less brilliant teachings, (see analysis 4d-Don).

Like many other teachers who are abhyasis, Jacqueline Seiller, director of a Montessori school in Chennai, refused to accept that the "values" of SRCM TM remain outside of school education. They had to cross the threshold. Therefore, it was done with the inauguration by the SMSF TM and Chariji of the worksite of the LMOS (later "international" or LMOIS), a new showcase for the Indian Sahaj Marg TM which prompted the international tour by its ambassador Ms. Seiller to sell the project to abhyasis worldwide and thus raise the necessary funds.

The school was operated by the Baal Vatika Educational Society and funded by the Baal Vatika Educational Trust, (since renamed to Lalaji Memorial Educational Society (LMES)) but their administrators are SRCM TM and TM SMSF. Launched thanks to a loan of one million dollars, it was inaugurated in June 2005 by Chariji and has hosted more than 150 children in the first year. The goal of the 2nd year was to accommodate 800 students, resulting in an additional requirement of three million dollars (US).

In his speech on 25/02/05, Chari spoke of money and confidence, and he called… donations: "It is not part of the mission, but the mission is very much part of it. The school will be run by the Baal Vatika Educational Society. The funding will be done by the Baal Vatika Educational Trust. The major source of finance, even for the Trust, will be the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (…) Of course we need money to realise all these things . We are already indebted to the Allahabad Bank. Fifty lakhs we have already taken (…) So, we need generosity of our people. Parents of children should not only give fees, they should also consent to giving a donation. Receipts will be issued ; there is no black money transaction-no trustees following the money. I am here to see to that. [chuckles] So you see, to provide adequate resources, I propose to start a scheme of donations, say, a minimum of three lakhs which will go to a corpus fund called the Scholarship Fund (…) Those who are willing to give their cheques may bring-three lakhs, which will be gratefully received. The cheques must be in the name of Baal Vatika Educational Trust. Remember, the Trust receives the money, the Society spends the money. [chuckles] "

This explains at least in part the incredible fee increases for seminars, perpetual calls donations and especially the sale of Whispers of the past year. The SMSF TM thus managed to collect nearly 2 million at the end of 2005, mostly in the United States and in the community of Indian origin. Chariji then explained that there were no worries to be had because he was the guarantor of the financial transparency of the operations…

The Omega Lalaji Memorial School added an "I" for International on December 27, 2006. It has acquired the status of an international center recognized by the University of Cambridge for the 2007 school year for students in classes VI to IX, or until the age of 18 (Cambridge IGCSE, International General Certificate of Secondary Education Cambridge). We hope that this will delight affluent abhyasis, either Indian or not, who place their children at the school…

Failing to have the children and adolescents meditate, which Babuji forbade before the age of 18 years, the organization has managed to by-pass the warning in part by instilling its culture and values through the VBSE curriculum at its first-ever school . We can rest assured that it will be emulated elsewhere in Switzerland and, in the form of drop-in day care, tutoring, and so on.

Children Indoctrinated

ChariJI has received 150 children from school LMOIS to Babuji Memorial Ashram. The SMSF had already organized a contest for children on the theme "What does a guru?". It is long gone the time when the Sahaj Marg of Babuji was leaving children alone (no meditation before age 18).
The children now suffer indoctrination from an early age. Sahaj Marg instills in our children the values of SRCMtm under the cover of VBSE. More than 100 schools in India, and many attempts at locations elsewhere.

If abhyasis possessed genuine human values and concepts of real education, they would make a point of honour to partition the LMOIS school of teaching and the thoughts of the Sahaj Marg of ChariJI, although VBSE draws some inspiration from them.

Quite the opposite is actually happening. Instead of teaching spiritual values to children, they are taught the fundamentals of the personality cult of ChariJI.

Can you imagine what it will later? Dictatorial regimes have not done better. They manufactured child soldiers.

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