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Frenetic Proselytism

SRCM - UN:Is it a partnership?

... Or the operation of seduction by a SRCM seeking respectability!

On 12 December 2005, the SRCM was accredited to the UN DPI (Department of Public Information) to spread throughout the world the message of the United Nations. This is also the case of over 1,500 NGO's that are involved in the DPI, not to mention the 1,500 others who have consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), or more than 3,000 NGO's associated with the UN . In other words we find a little of everything. Even Jacques Attali, who claims that this was the creation of a real UN of NGO's, acknowledged that "(…) under that name, sometimes slips in people (and organizations) who do not belong there, such as sects (cults), or even terrorist organizations (…), in his September 2004 speech to the 57th Annual Conference of the DPI.

Indeed, every year new NGO's are accredited, while others are excluded at the same time because they have ultimately failed to fulfil their role. Thus, the Shri Ram Chandra Mission was part of a list of 25 of NGO's newly associated to the United Nations (DPI) in December 2005, while at the same time 48 other NGO's were excluded.

Normally, they undertake to assist the United Nations in its work and to raise awareness of its principles and activities. But this did not prevent the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (the Global Organization of the Jehova's Witnesses) from being associated to the UN from 1992 to 2001, while it sees the United Nations as "the beast of the apocalypse" that combats Jesus… This could be a particular case, but it is not. In the list of NGO's associated with the United Nations, was also found: Brahma Kumaris, Sri Chinmoy, Sokka Gakka├»,…

In late 2006, officials of the SRCM were afraid that their accreditation would be revoked.

They panicked a little, and decided to mobilize the resources of the Mission on December 10, 2006 for the UN World Day on Human Rights. To make sure there would be people in attendance, the instruction was given to move the monthly gathering to Dec. 10.

After reminding the United Nations that the UN and the SRCM celebrated their 60 years of existence the same year, the day was divided into signing the guest book (records so as to have written proof for the United Nations), and reading from an old letter from Babuji dating back to 1957 and addressed to the United Nations, and finally the presentation of a small report on the activities of the SRCM between 2000 and 2005.

In a slide presentation of a sample of the shared activities of SRCM and the UN, of closely related activities on the themes dear to the United Nations, we discovered that these 4 events had gathered no less than 930 people over a period of 6 years.

According to the SRCM, the Day of Human Rights would have mobilized 25 countries and 7500 people. When on considers that SRCM claims to be present in over 90 countries (25/90 = 28% of the countries, without the participation of the USA) and claims to represent 200 to 300,000 abhyasis (less than 4% participated in the UN functions)…

In 2007, three events have already taken place (Sources SRCMtm):

* In Canada, in 9 centres SRCM, was celebrated the International Day of Families on May 20, 2007. The incongruity of the SRCM - family link does not seem to frighten the SRCM that destroys families faster than it receives new followers
* In India, August 12, 2007, was celebrated the International Day of Youth in 23 Indian cities. The event would have touched 4,000 High School students around the concept of Leadership. Now there is the interest that the SRCM has in the Indian youths: the well-to-do, upper class, so as to talk about leadership…
* The International Day of Peace on September 21 was celebrated in 22 countries, primarily in Europe and Oceania, or 34 centers which would have joined 15 centers in India.

Apart from the fact that these events bring together a small fraction of the followers of SRCM, we can see that notably absent from all these events are USA abhyasis…

For the International Day of Human Rights of 10 December 2007,
Those responsible for the SRCM call abhyasis again to hold open doors for their centers. And it is strongly suggested to make the link between the declaration of Human Rights and the statutes of the SRCM (sic)…

It is with great joy that I will engage myself in this exercise, according to excerpts of the statutes of the SRCM France at its inception in 1986 as well as its rules of procedure (July 13, 1986):

Article 17: "the president who is the true master of the Association exercises his powers through the rules, he can change at will, particularly as they relate to the spiritual and philosophical orientation of 'Association. "
Excerpts from the rules dated July 13, 1986:

Article 2 - Organization: "The association is managed and controlled solely by the founder or his Spiritual representative who will succeed him in direct line, and he will be President of the Association".

Article 3 - Constitution and Operating: "The president will select a Working Committee from among the members of the Association to assist in all areas relating to the control and the organization of the Association. The President will appoint one of the members of the Working Committee, people who will hold the following positions: a vice-chairman (…). discretionary, or depending on the needs of the situation, the president may also appoint any other (s) person (s) to posts above, it (s) be they member (s) or otherwise of the Working Committee of the Association (…). At his discretion, the President may at any time make the necessary changes in the structure of the Board and the duties of appointees and Members of the Committee (…). "

Article 9 - Power of VETO - How to exercise: "(…) the President has the authority to VETO. If a certain point has been decided and was accepted at a meeting of the Working Committee and the President ' is not in agreement with the decision, arguing that such a decision could endanger or in a certain way can be detrimental to the goals set forth by the Association, his objection VETO to such a decision will be made by stating his disagreement with or not a reason for the disagreement. VETO He will write in his own handwriting in the book of deliberations. This latter case will be exposed (signaled) and brought to the next General Assembly. "

It should be noted that Chari will be present on Dec. 10 at the most recent Ashram of the SRCM in Berlin (Germany). One could expect a beautiful speech about human rights in this symbolic city! We will be particularly attentive…

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