Monday, March 3, 2008

Chari Arranges Marriages

Chari Arrange Marriages

Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari arrange marriages

The journalist Seema Sharma gives us confirmation in the Fiji Times on Sept. 14, 2005: John Joseph Smith met Chari in May 1987. He became the first abhyasi then almost immediately Australian preceptor. "In November, 1994, during his first visit to Australia, Mr Smith's Master asked if he was interested in marriage, and told him about a girl who had accompanied the master on the trip." (Sic) Let us now call on John: "He introduced us and said we should discuss it and if we felt it appropriate he would arrange our marriage date. After going on a walk together we both came back in agreement and after a group meditation that evening Master announced our engagement. " (Re-sic). His wife Danielle also became preceptor during their stay in Chennai for their marriage in 1995.

In fact, Chari does not really marry abhyasi couples, he proposes meetings or gives his opinion on proposed unions then conducts spiritual blessings (spiritual blessing). But it is quite difficult to go against the advice of the Master, and his last trend is to arrange unions between Indians and Westerners!

Max, American backpacker on a changeover Manapakkam for 13 days, tells us about how Chari marries his followers: "Quite Impressive today to watch the president of the Mission marry 6 couples in 15 mins. Talk about ... getting the job done . Chariji is the man. " Nov. 30, 2005, on his blog.

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